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Common Mistakes while Setting Goals

Common Mistakes while Setting Goals

In order to have a successful career it is important for every one of us to determine our goals. It starts from clearing the path of growth. If you know what you want then striding towards achievement becomes simpler. There are some obvious goal mistakes that we do which significantly delays the process.

1. Not determining the reason:

If we have established a goal we should be clear on, what we want and why we want? If the answer is clear then the half of the path is covered. These answers are going to help us know the route that we should take to achieve our goals.

2. Not realizing the benefits:

Most of us only have a habit of looking into the main stream benefits but we should never leave the other benefits that are linked along with it. For example: if your goal is to have a good designation in the coming few years the side benefits are – respect, better learning, more knowledge, enhanced skills, responsibilities handling, etc.

3. Not realizing the failure consequences:

It is important to set a goal that is practically possible. When we know this, we know how to stride towards it. But if we could not reach the goal of course we are going to get depressed and nothing is going to change in life. So we will again be in the routine life without any goals.

4. Not evaluating the level of preparation:

If we start working on a goal at a time when we are not ready then we are going to get nothing because everything requires preparation. So, before establishing a goal, re-evaluate your level of preparation.

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