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Etiquettes that Define Professionalism

Etiquettes that Define Professionalism

A person is judged by his or her behavior, not only in society but also in the professional sphere. To be appreciated by the society, a person needs to be soft-spoken, aware and responsible. But the rules of the corporate world are slightly different. Sometimes, the professional situations can be a little awkward, especially for the beginners.

While stepping into the corporate world, one should be aware of the “Dos & Don’ts of Corporate Life”. If this has not been a part of their education in school or university, one should read books or articles on the Etiquettes that are necessary for Professionalism.

After reading a number of books on Professionalism, one can learn to be punctual, disciplined, organized, loyal towards work, sincere, confident, etc. But there are certain unwritten rules that are called Etiquettes, which define our level of professionalism.

Let’s discuss these unwritten rules:

Be on Time: It is for sure the major rule to “Be on Time”, when you have to attend a meeting, interview or report to office regularly. You may not be that punctual, sincere or disciplined, but you are not supposed to waste someone else’s time. This is the first sign of unprofessionalism.

First Impression: It is said that “First Impression is the Last Impression”. While meeting a person professionally for the first time, you need to be very confident and make an introduction that leaves a strong impression.

Dress Properly: It is often seen in interviews that people do not dress formally. Many of them are so fond of wearing accessories that they do not realize that they are being absolutely unprofessional. In the corporate sphere, one should have an appropriate haircut and wear completely formal clothes and clean shoes.

Body Language: People who are quiet by nature, often speak through their body language. If a person is not speaking but is sitting straight and paying attention to the speaker, he is sure behaving professionally. But if a person is hanging around the table or swinging on the chair, he is going to look very annoying. So always sit and stand straight and be alert.

Ability to Speak: Always speak out your opinion. There is no space for shyness in the corporate world and if you want to be noticed as a professional human being, you should have the ability to speak up your points. No one else will ever say whatever is going on in your mind, you have to speak up.

Be Clear: You voice should be clear and your words should be accurate. No matter if you are a lady, you should not be that soft-spoken which is not audible. If you are a man and you have a soft or harsh voice, your speech and pronunciation should be clear. Also your words should be accurate, you should not talk unnecessarily. Say what you want to in simple words.

Ability to Listen: It is a very popular saying that “A Good Listener is always a Good Speaker”. In order to be successful in life we should have the ability to listen to what others are saying and keep the attitude of learning from everyone.

Be Curious: Be curious to know more from your seniors and surroundings. Ask questions and clear out your doubts. If you always stick to the things you are doing currently, you cannot grow professionally. To enhance your career start taking the tasks and targets you’ve never done before, and be ready to learn everything from everyone.

Volunteering & Participation: Participate in the events going around and volunteer your name for every new thing that you want to learn or you are good at. Enhance your skills and also show your talent, wherever it can be proven. This shows your learning behavior.

Respect Others’ Opinion: It is often seen in group discussions that many people interrupt the others without listening to their points. We should not cut what others are about to say, in order to win the discussion. We should always respect the opinions of our colleagues or opponents. If we interrupt them in between, we may miss some very important facts that we were unaware of.

In short, apart from being disciplined, punctual, sincere and confident, a person should be out-spoken, responsible towards his duties and curious to learn and grow. Their acts should show their willingness of making their individual identity in the corporate sphere. These were some unwritten rules called etiquettes, which define professionalism.

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