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Health is the First Step to Success

Health is the First Step to Success

The famous proverb “Health is Wealth” clearly says that a successful person needs to be really healthy. Health in itself is the biggest wealth of life. It is the only thing in life that stays with us from the beginning of life till the end. Thus, health is the major thing worth taking care of, which is not a very difficult task. All we need is to have is stay fit and happy in all situations.

Health does not refer to only the physical well-being, but it also constitutes social and mental well-being. Our soul and mind need to be in peace in order to make goals and plans of life. The biggest hindrance in the path of success is Stress, which destroys many things in life. Stress results to anger, which leads to breaking of social relationships and puts you into depression. And depression causes failure in meeting you dreams.

Stress can be reduced and overwhelmed by adopting a hobby that entertains you and is worth spending time on. Develop a hobby or a physical activity that may help you in bursting your stress. Hobbies like singing, art ‘n’ craft, photography, etc. can be a very effective way to burst your stress. Or probably you may start a physical activity such as dancing, playing outdoor sports, joining gymnasium or aerobics class. Meditation is another stress buster that helps in controlling over excitement, nervousness, etc. Meditation keeps your mind calm and helps in making good decisions.

Another proverb says that “A Healthy Mind Lives in a Healthy Body”. When the mind is calm, it runs even faster. But, mind cannot function properly unless the body in which it stays is healthy. In order to get a healthy body, all we need to do is develop a routine, eat well, have sound sleep of at least 8 continuous hours and develop a physical activity hobby that keeps the bones and muscles strong.

To come up with high work efficiency and better results, one needs to be really healthy at heart and mind. For a healthy human heart, we must eat well and dedicate at least half hour to a regular cardiovascular activity. When it comes to developing a good eating habit, we should always opt for fruits and vegetables. Eating green vegetables helps in reducing the eye problems and fruits help in getting a pink glowing skin.

A cheerful mood is a must to start a mind-related task. And a cheerful mood is a result of joy and peace at heart, which can be possible only if we stay healthy and happy. An unhealthy person can never be happy. In order to stay fit and happy, develop good habits. As quoted by Jim Ryun, “Motivation is what gets you started and Habit is what keeps you going on.”

Developing a vision is another thing to work on. Develop a vision that helps you see a new you, a healthier and happier you. Thinking and seeing this way helps in setting new goals and developing good habits help in achieving those goals.

Health risks may let you fall, scattering your dreams, adversely affecting your mind. So, health is the first and foremost important thing to be kept into consideration while planning your way to success. There should be no penny pinching when it comes to taking care of health.

Thus, health should be the first goal of your life and you should start working on your health right away. Make plans for a healthy body and execute your plans immediately. Always remember that, “Working on your plans will make your plans work for you, and struggling for your goal will create a path of success for you.”

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