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How to Impress your Recruiter at once??

How to Impress your Recruiter at once??

When appearing for an interview, being impressive is as important as is being qualified. If you cannot impress your interviewer, your qualification is sure of no use. There are a few ways to impress your recruiter and crack the interview. If followed properly, these rules can help you get the job you desire irrespective of domain.

Let’s discuss some secrets to impress the recruiter at once:

Reach on Time: Whatever be your personal problem, you cannot make excuse for being late on the day of interview. This is your judgment day when you are tested on the parameters of your professionalism. Being on time shows how sincerely you take a job opportunity.

Dress Formally: Informal dressing would get you into trouble of rejection at once. Dressing formally with clean shoes is very important. Also make sure that you don’t have unnecessary piercing or visible tattoos that cause distraction.

Have Proper Haircut: Having a proper haircut is also essential. If you enter an office with a messy hair or spikes, you are sure going to give a negative impact showing your unprofessionalism to the recruiter. For men, it is suggested to have clean short hair with clean shaven or trimmed bread that looks decent. For girls, it is suggested have their hair tied properly with no bright coloured hair that depicts you are a fashion freak.

Dress for the position you desire, not for the position you have: If you really wish to impress your recruiter at once, dress the way your seniors do. Your dressing sense shows how appropriate you are for the position you are applying for. If you are a team member and wish to become a team leader, you should look that assertive and deserving.

Be Organised: When you appear for an interview, always make sure that you carry a nice bag or folder in your hand. Keep your resume’ and other documents in an organised manner. Your resume’ should not be folded and it should be absolutely clean and readable.

Get a Branded Classic Watch: In addition to all this, you can get a classic watch for good impression. A royal looking classic watch adds on to your personality showing your regularity. Try to get a watch which is not very colourful, shiny or attention grabbing. A black coloured watch would be better that matches your professional outfit.

Listen to your HR Carefully: Always listen to what your HR is saying very carefully. When you get the call for interview, always mark the name of the HR and the correct address of the company. Your interviewer would be impressed if you get him correct at once without begging pardon for any information.

Little R&D Is Good: “What do you know about our company?” you should always be prepared for this question. When you go to a company, you should know what their business is about and what it deals in. You should also know the job profile and the kind of job responsibilities you are going to be assigned for if you get hired. This helps the recruiter find how relevant candidate you are for the job opening.

Make Right Introduction: When you enter the interviewer’s room, look confident and greet the HR with a smile. Shake hand and make an introduction that is worth remembering. Introduce yourself with a spark that you are the right candidate for the job opening and you deserve the job. Present your qualifications and experience in an appropriate manner, which proves that the office needs a qualified candidate like you.

Know your Resume’: Your resume’ is your mirror and you should always know what to write in it. Also make sure that you do not add the skills that you are not flawless at. Your resume’ should always be short and up to the point. It should be impressive and not unnecessarily elaborated. It should always at least 5 of your strengths and 1 weakness.

Be Yourself: Don’t try to prove what you are not. Don’t show the skills that you do not have and don’t try to fool your recruiter. When the HR asks about your weaknesses, don’t try to be over smart by giving twisted answers. An HR is smart enough to catch your lies and you should be true and real in front of the HR.

Ask Questions: Always ask for your chances of growth in the organization when your HR asks you if you have any questions about their company. Shift timings, week offs and salary package should not be your questions unless your HR asks you to join the office immediately. Show your interest of staying in the company for longer duration and also show that you want to grow in their company giving your best, contributing to the growth of the organization.

Don’t Beat Around the Bush: Get straight to the point! Don’t talk unnecessary when the interviewer asks about you, your qualification, experience, skills or family life. Understand what the interviewer asks and reply what exactly the answer should be.

Speak Clearly: Your body language, gesture, eyes, personality and smile speak a lot about you. These should be controlled and used in a professional way. Be sure of what you want to say and know how to say that. Have a clear voice, pitch and tone. Work hard on your pronunciation and vocabulary.

Respect Everyone: Always make sure that when you enter the office premises, you behave with the watchmen, receptionist and office boys in an appropriate manner. Your behavior should be polite and respectful with everyone, because these are the people who are often asked about your behavior by the HR.

Don’t Show-Off: It doesn’t matter if you own a note or a tab, keep it inside the pocket. Never show-off what you’ve got. Also make sure that phone does not ring or vibrate while an interview is going on. Your entire concentration should be on the interview.

All that an HR looks for is a candidate that he/she can’t refuse to have in their company anyhow. And you have to present yourself in a way which shows that you can carry out the job responsibility appropriately in all conditions. All you have to do is be sure, confident and original. Show you credibility and present yourself hardworking enough to prove that you can handle stress. By following these simple tips, you can sure win the hearts of your recruiters. Just a little effort and the job is yours. Good Luck!

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