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Learn about Corporate Field from Soccer Field

Learn about Corporate Field from Soccer Field

It has been rightly observed and stated in the world of sports that, no team can be selected keeping in mind the athlete’s talent alone! The great coaches always go for two decisive factors i.e. Talent and heart! It’s not always about building a team with fastest, strongest and smartest players on your side, a strong team is an accumulation of individual athletes who fits and goes along with each others. How their personalities, talents, drive and abilities will mesh to meet the team’s goal.

Building a champion corporate team is no different because at the corporate pool too, talent wins win games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

So, what are the points you should keep in mind for building a successful, effective team:

Remember you are leading a team, not a group: A team of leaders behaves very differently than a group of leaders. The test for the corporate honchos is to know the difference. It’s about goals, rules of engagement and inter-dependencies  In a race where every corporation claims and tries to hire the best and the brightest but it can really be a challenge to make them function as a team.

What are your goals: Bill Gates once said – “Teams should be able to act with the same unity of purpose and focus as a well-motivated individual.” Corporations need their personnel to think out-of-the-box but also act in a prescriptive culture – to work within a system in order to achieve common objectives. Not everyone can be the coach – or the quarterback: The most common problem with executives that corporations face is regardless of the circumstances they all want to lead and no-one wants to follow. A team made up of executives is like a group of thoroughbred stallions confined to a small space called an organization — plenty of kicking, biting and discord.

It is always better to define the responsibilities that build a “foxhole mentality,” wherein one person has the gun, the other the bullets. It’s in the best interests of both for each to succeed.


The conflict chaos: the hiring must always be about creating a diverse, competent group — because the new executives in the wake of competition can sabotage company progress. So, sensitize team members to the early warning signs: multi-tasking during team meets, Know-it-all attitudes, exhibiting dominant behavior team, not responding in a timely fashion or engaging in avoidance. Agree, as a team, on how to mutually manage and minimize counterproductive behaviors as they surface.

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