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Magical Benefits of Yoga!

Magical Benefits of Yoga!

Since time immemorial, Yoga and breathing exercises have been known to reprogram our breathing style and improve body functioning. Several studies by cardiovascular experts and yoga instructors all across the globe have proved that there are tremendous health benefits of Yoga. One of the most recent studies that have highlighted the magical benefits of Yoga exercises is a study conducted by Arlene Schmid and his team.

Arelene is a Ph.D., O.T.R., a rehabilitation research scientist at Roudebush Veterans Administration-Medical Center and Indiana University’s Department of Occupational Therapy in Indianapolis. According to the latest report in Medical News Today, Yoga has potential benefits in chronic stroke survivors and their overall health can be boosted through group Yoga. Survivors who are now no more on rehabilitative centers benefited from group Yoga. The study included a small pilot study only in those who survivors suffered a stroke longer than 6 months. The study was published in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke and it involved 47 participants, of which nearly three-fourth was male members. The team of participants was split in three different groups and they went through weekly programs for eight weeks. The Yoga classes in which the participants were involved included a combination of postures, breathing and meditation that produced different results and had more therapeutic value. The study also emphasized the fact that Yoga practice improved the mindset of the participants and they could manage to walk easily to grocery stores and showed motivation to visit friends.

The detailed information about this valuable study and findings can be accessed here:

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