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IFANglobal is a leading global recruitment agency with its Headquarters located in Gurgaon, India. Apart from its core strength in Healthcare Recruitment industry.

Expert Leadership

IFANglobal under the strong leadership of Mr. Naveen Trehan, sets up the culture which is highly energetic and that improves performance. The positive work environment and the willingness of seniors to coach makes IFANglobal an amazing place to work with.

Encouraging Team

IFANglobal is a team of enterprising team members who are skilled and passionate to deliver. Our focus on improving the ROI for customer’s investment begins with us internally by improving communication process, Turn-Around Time and the overall quality of service delivery.

Work + Fun

The numerous opportunities of learning & development provided by the organization to the employees clubbed with other on the job employee engagement activities fosters the pace of productivity and helps meets the individual business goals more effectively.

The organization believes in providing balance to personal and professional lives of all the employees. Hence, we organize various extra-curricular activities frequently to rejuvenate the energy levels.

How We Are Different?

The organization has clear vision and goals to be the most reputed organization in the field of recruitment industry. The synergies from all teams together make it fun to get inch closer to meet the objectives of the organization without feeling too much of work pressure. We believe that work pressure is not at all felt if you enjoy what you do. This is the core philosophy while we do recruitment for our organization and that makes us unique and an ideal choice for any candidate to be associated with us.

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