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The reviews that we get from our clients and candidates after catering the services help us to keep the things moving on in the best manner. Check out some of the unedited, genuine reviews to know how they found our services.

I am very grateful to speak about

IFANglobal. If it were not you all, I could never go through my UK processing this much easily n fastly... Heartfelt thanks to all members in


Leenu Jose JijinNHS UK

Thank you for all the support you have given to apply for Visa.l had a great experience with you. Regards

Jyothis NHS UK

My journey for the UK with the IFAN has been wonderful so far. I still remember the day I came to IFAN at Medanta for Medanta's interview, and Rahul asked me to meet you. I thank Rahul for this. From that day to today, my process with you has been great. I continued to seek your guidance and you continued to provide me the same. I still remember that i almost lost the hope to even pass IELTS, but it was you who advised me to take the one month IELTS classes. It was because of you i could get one month leave from Medanta and prepare for my IELTS. Please receive my sincere thanks for this.

I was able to clear my CBT in first sitting because you gave a lot of preparation materials. I might not have been a very good candidate since I always emailed/ texted/ called you thousand times for my doubts, but you have always tried to answer them at your level best. I thank you for your support. I thank Rahul and Manoj for their kindness

Karni Singh NHS UK

I am really humbled to express my gratitude to you madam and the recruitment team for guiding me through the UK processing. I acknowledge your best service at all the phases of these process. Your way of approach is remarkable which makes any candidate to feel free for moving forward in each step with your recruitment for future establishments in career. I would proudly say every stage of this process which i have met was accomplished only because of the ultimate stud of your team Madam Shallu Kakkar who stood by me with lot of enthusiasm and boosted me with great confidence. I am obliged that i got her acquaintance with me, which was the only corner stone of my achievements. Madam i appreciate your care ,concern, and the positivity with which you do your correspondence with all of the candidates including me. I pray that you could help many more budding candidates to meet up their dreams. Your services are of tremendous help . Which i dont want to just count and define. Madam a salute for ur noble service.......and your patience level is the best example of a wonderful leader because any instance in the whole picture of this process with your presence and your words of encouragement actually build up my confidence level to complete my primary assessment exams.

i wont forget to mention other team members who have come up to help me in this journey ....thank you all . thank you Madam Shallu Kakkar .... i dont want to just quote your efforts in few words.... you are just remarkable....may god bless you splendidly...


I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart for all the efforts of you throughout the process from the beginning till now to make my dreams come true to go to the UK. You have been a great guide in each step, a wonderful help & good motivator during exams, interview and a commendable link for all the NMC Application-Completion-Submission & Visa Application process. I am extremely obliged to have you as my guide and my facilitator for the whole employment process.

Sofia James AluvilayilNHS UK

It's my great pleasure to say a few words about IFAN global recruitment agency. First of all, they have a very professional and helpful consultants, who handle the recruitment process in a manner which make one feel at ease, helping one to prepare thoroughly for interviews, giving advice on CBT test preparation and always answering any questions about the whole process commencing from interviews and culminating at visa guidance. They, especially Mr Manoj and Mrs. Shallu has always responded promptly to all emails and provided us with good background information on all matters, whether it's regarding nmc registration process or be it migration process. Not only this, they have a strong understanding of the whole process and are able to quickly understand each candidates specific requirements and help accordingly. Finally, all I can say is that I wish them to keep up with their great work and wish them all the best for their future endeavors.

Navnit KaurNHS UK

The journey has been a roll costa ride and Ifan Team has a great role in keeping us focused and motivated. Movements when we felt that we have hit the dead end your team has come up with numerous ways to move further. Shallu, we have seen you in action from the very first phone call we made to IFAN to have our candidateship for job overseas to till date. Your support has always been exceptional and the professionalism you forecast is amazing. Going an extra mile in all your actions and coming out with positive result has always encouraged us to call you for all of our queries. We are very satisfied with the support and wish you and your team the best in all future endeavors.

Jyoti AnilNHS UK experience with IFANGlobal was excellent throughout my UK possessing. ......I never thought that I will get my DL so fast....and I think it is only because of the proper guidance of IFANGlobal group.....I hope same help and guidance further and wish a great success to IFAN....moreover I have to definitely mention about the good behavior and care that members IFAN are blessed with and I think this will certainly uphold the fame of the group.....I mentioned this because I had a bitter experience with one of the famous agencies and I was scared and tensed before making a call to them .so after that when I interacted with this group I felt like as if I was talking to one of my friends. ...And to be frank I don't find any negative aspect on you....all the best ...and I promise I will definitely promote and support your group. I am sure no one can beat you.....

Jilna AliyasNHS- UK

Hi, your agency has helped me a lot, as I’m new to all the process till now, u people immensely made me aware of each and every step and made everything very smooth. I’m so glad to inform you that without your help I couldn't complete this horrendous process till now. I appreciate your great efforts, expecting the same in future too.

Merlin MathewNHS- UK

The agency has been very helpful with the entire process of my application to the U.K. They have guided me every step of the way, and the staff is very friendly, approachable, and always available to help. Overall, I would give them an Excellent rating and hope that they can help more nurses like me to find suitable employers abroad. Thank you very much.

Kenneth Joseph J. RotairoRN – NHS- UK

Thank you for the efforts taken to make this happen. YWC and IFAN have guided me through this. All your efforts are appreciated.

Preeta KoshyNHS UK

I would like to sincerely thank you and your team for tirelessly working hard in making my journey to UAE come true. The team was always approachable, always ready to help and prompt in clarifying my doubts. Once again my heartfelt thanks to you for being always there.

Sanee Samuel CCAD- UAE

It has been an awesome journey with you and IFAN right from the preparation of IELTS till our VISA processing day. If we go a little back and try to recapitulate our thoughts then I'd say we were quite lucky to have you as our consultant partner helping us winning the streak of success. It all started off from Mumbai last year and with bittersweet moments coming now and then. IFAN has been so empathetic towards us and don'ts leave us alone in hard times. In these kinds of processes, support, guidance and hand-holding is the main essence which IFAN exemplified in every area and dealt with us like their own family. We know there is always something a scope of improvement in every process. But even after spending some time in this area we can't recollect any flaw in the process.:) There were regular follow-ups, hand holding, motivation and equally involved transparency in the process that left us with no option and giving 10 out of 10 on ratings. We both are very happy with the services which were given to us. And I'm sure this is just a chapter of a book and hope we'll be working with IFAN again post flight to the UK to begin a new chapter. All the very best IFAN...!! :)

Nisha and Manish Sharma NHS UK

IFANglobal helped get to one of my biggest dreams!! From the time I inquired about their program up to the time I got my license as PT, the staff genuinely cared and did everything for me to achieve it. Their communication line was always open so I could always send my concerns whatever time of the day it was, and yes, I always get their answer. Their staff is experienced and knowledgeable in processing our documents and they were so helpful especially when I was so anxious of the upcoming NPTE (National PT Exam). Even now, that I'm already employed here in the US as PT, they still make me feel free to contact them if needed. There's nothing better than what IFANglobal can do to achieve your biggest aspiration!!!

Melbourne Physical Therapist

I got selected to work in Denmark would really cherish my moments with IFANglobal , because of the support and warmth given by the entire IFAN team. IFAN has provided us with world class language trainers, well equipped classroom facilities and a well poised immigration process. So I advise all the nurses who have motivation to immigrate and work abroad can trust and work with IFANglobal (P) LTD. My heartily thanks and regards to Ms Shallu and all the IFAN team members.

Vishukkani Plaickal Mani Nurse

Our hospital has been working with IFANglobaI as a recruitment partner for nurses and allied healthcare professionals since inception and we have been very pleased with their performance. Our standards for recruitment are very stringent and require extensive screening and evaluation. Their standardized recruitment process and unmatched level of support make IFANglobal a reliable partner for us. Also, the ongoing specialized clinical and staff development programs by IFANglobal for the nurses and allied health professionals are unmatched. We have been very pleased with the results and the professional level of service offered by IFANglobal. They are continually striving to improve the quality of their deliverables.

COO Largest Hospital, India

IFANglobal has been successful providing Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Medcial Technologists. The Successful l alliance between IFANglobal and Us is mostly due to their advanced training program and attention to quality. IFANglobal developed an excellent program that matches US standards, making the healthcare professional’s transition process to American culture and working environment very efficient.

President Staffing Partner, USA

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