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10 Ways to Improve Your Health at Workplace

10 Ways to Improve Your Health at Workplace

We all somehow ignore our health above our work, which is absolutely Not Right! Read on to know some ways that will help Improve your Health at Workplace.

Continuous hours of sitting throughout the weekdays, lots of work on computer, combined with competition stress – all these things define today’s office lifestyle. Everyone is busy in getting the best results for their company, all for lifestyle betterment. But wait! Is this really the kind of lifestyle you imagined? Don’t you think that Health is neglected somewhere? In fact, we all are doing the same! Please DO NOT ignore your health above your work. Just check out these simple 10 ways on how you can improve your health at workplace.

1. Improving Sitting Posture:

Don’t think you are sitting in a right posture just because your feet are touching the floor. Your sitting posture is the first thing with which you start your office schedule. So, get the things started in right manner. Adjust your chair in the way that your arms come parallel to the floor while your hands are on the keyboard. This will automatically help you keep your back straight while sitting, which is very important.

2. Improving Eating Habits:

The snacks offered by your colleague with “so caring smile”, is actually not at all caring! This is going to add to the calorie counts within your body, which can not be burnt without physical workout. Simply avoid eating while you are working. Instead, have juices and drink lots of water which would be beneficial for you and will keep your belly full as well. This doesn’t mean that you are skipping your meals for work, as this will make you fell ill. Make a proper balance between your meal time and work time.

3. Relieving From Back Pain:

Sitting continuously for long hours can cause back aches. To avoid severe back pains, first of all, correct your sitting postures. Keep doing little bit of movements and short exercises to keep pain away from you.

4. Relieving From Neck Pain:

Don’t take your neck pain lightly. Whenever you feel that your neck is feeling a bit bulky, or there is some pain in it, make some movements. Move your neck right and left, up and down and do some neck exercises.

5. Relieving From Eye-Strain:

Eyes are the most essential part of your body. To avoid straining in your eyes, take a break of 2-5 minutes after regular intervals. Close your eyes during that period and take deep breaths – meditation way. This will not only freshen you up but it also helps in solving those problems in which you were stuck.

6. Relieving From Work-Stress:

The best way to relieve from work stress is to listen some kind of music. It generates energy within you and you will feel relaxed. Music is the best stress-buster, be it of any kind.

7. Walk and Talk:

Walking during lunch hours (after having lunch) is really great idea to stay fit in office. With this, you will burn some calories that you gained while having lunch. Talk with your near or dear ones for a fresh mood while you walk or do some healthy discussions with your co-workers while moving around.

It is not just about staying fir physically when we are talking about Health. A person is said healthy when he is Physically, Emotionally and Mentally fit. It is necessary to keep a balance between all these three terms. Till now you have read that how you can improve your health physically during office hours, so let’s move on with staying fit emotionally and mentally.

8. Give a Personal Touch To Your Desk:

Various studies on office culture have proved that the employees who keep the personal belongings on their desk like photos, specially gifted items, or something related to family that they are attached to – become emotionally strong as compared to others who keep their desk bald or too messy. Giving a personal touch, like adding the favourite colour to the desk, will help you feel comfortable while working, resulting in having ability to hold your emotions.

9. Be A Learner:

Take things like you are still a learner and not like you are a specialist, even if you have spent long years handling office culture. There are lots of new things happening around, and it is not possible that you are aware of everything, no person is! So, interact with your co-workers in the way that you are keen to know what’s new! This will increase your knowledge, performance, and your health indirectly as you will feel strong mentally and emotionally.

10. Add Some Greens to Stay FRESH:

Greenery poses a great impact on lifestyle. Add table plants or other greens to your working area in order to avoid boredom. Plants bring positive energy within area and also they provide fresh oxygen that will keep your office environment fresh all the time.

These tips will help you stay healthy while working in office for long hours. Read on other blogs on jobs at IFANglobal for more information.

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