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Emergency Room in Association with Medanta

Emergency Room in Association with Medanta

For the first time on TV, National Geographic Channel, in association with Medanta Hospital, has took the initiative to let people witness the real-time incidents and heart-wrenching stories of doctors and the hospital staff through its latest show – ‘EMERGENCY ROOM’.

Medanta is one of the largest multi-specialty hospitals in the world. The show has been set up with a goal to make people emergency ready. Irrfan Khan, the National Award Winning Actor, is the host of the show and will reinforce the urgency and necessity of being emergency sensitive. He will urge people to do their bit during emergency situations as sometimes all it takes to save a life is a little bit of awareness and know how. To spread awareness about emergencies is the motive of the show.

This association brings forth the immense medical expertise of Medanta, marrying it with innovative programming of Nat Geo- world’s most credible infotainment channel. 32 cameras rolling 24×7 will capture the diligent efforts done by doctors, surgeons, nurses and paramedics alike as they face the never-ending queue of people who need immediate medical attention.

From anxiety and anticipation in the Emergency Room, to the humor and sadness in the Recovery Room – the series will look beyond a hospital’s flashing blue lights and present the real picture of medical life to the world.

Dr. Naresh Trehan, Chairman and Managing Director of Medanta, spoke about the association saying, “We are extremely delighted to be associated with the National Geographic channel; there is a whole different side to an Emergency Room that we would like the world to see. As doctors we too live through the smiles and tears of our patients, striving to make them healthier and feel better. Hospital interactions create an atmosphere which is charged with a plethora of emotions running high. Through this series we aim to demystify the trepidation that surrounds the very concept of a hospital.”

Truly said, “There are two kinds of people in this world: Ones who are ready to face emergencies and Ones who are helpless in the face of emergencies.” Nothing justifies it best than the things and situations that take place inside an EMERGENCY ROOM. If you are curious to know how the doctors and their trained team face the emergencies, then you must check out this new show that’s the buzz of the hour.

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