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Hiring Hikes at FMCG Sector

Hiring Hikes at FMCG Sector

It’s raining jobs in India’s FMCG sector! This should not be a surprise to those who are into this fast growing sector of Fast Moving Consumer Goods. But, those who are looking for great jobs in FMCG would be happy to hear that in August 2014 India has stepped up hiring in consumer goods sector. Having recognized this amazing growth, IFANglobal has teamed up with top niche retail brands, from steady teddies to internet start-ups, just to provide you with amazing job opportunities.

You would be pleased to know that this time online giants have posted a huge 25 per cent rise in jobs in just a month. So, whether you are a fresher or you have 10-year experience, online start-ups are actively looking for you. Almost 100 per cent rise has been observed in jobs at senior level positions in start-ups. This translates into a serious hiring binge.

E-commerce majors such as Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal, have stepped up hiring in the last one month. Quality and process specialists are now in demand; and reported over 50 per cent growth in demand in this period. Mid-level professionals having 5-20 years experience are leading the hiring trend during this period especially in top metros including Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad and Vadodara.

The FMCG industry is bigger and now better. This industry offers things on a whole new scale. Afterall, where else will you find yourself handling hundreds of million dollar accounts? That’s really huge! Working in FMCG not only gives you the chance to be a part of some really good global success stories, but also offers a challenging and rewarding career environment.

FMCG sector has influence the way consumers shop for products. Firms within this industry are always thinking of the next great discovery or innovation – that means this industry is always developing and ever-changing to meet consumer’s needs and hence developing job opportunities for fresher as well as professionals. The speed that you can move from an entry level executive to senior in this sector is second to none.

By now you should be getting the idea of just what’s good in going for FMCG careers. So start building your career today with help of IFANglobal recruitment services in FMCG.

Just remember one thing – There is never a dull moment in FMCG sector!

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