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Strategies of Time Management

Strategies of Time Management

The biggest challenge faced by the people of corporate world is “Time Management”. Even if you haven’t entered the corporate world yet, you still need to know strategies to overcome this challenge.

Time Management basically means to manage ourselves according to the fixed 24 hours of a day. Knowing the fact that ‘24 hours of a day and 7 days in a week’ cannot be changed anyhow; we have to manage ourselves accordingly.

There are some people who may think that they don’t need a time table or a time management guide, as they are already completing their tasks by the deadlines without anybody’s consult. While on the other hand, many of us are still striving to get ourselves disciplined and organized to meet our daily targets. This cannot be done without understanding the prominence of time management.

Let’s first discuss the significance of time management. For people who face problem in meeting their deadlines, it is very essential to know how to manage their time. Even if we are able to meet our deadlines, we need know how to save time further for revising what we did. Also it feels good to complete a task way before the deadline and enjoy the free time.

There a few strategies of time management that can be very helpful, if under stood and followed properly:

Keep a To-Do List: When you have a lot of work to do, most of the times you tend to skip some urgent piece of work. Always prepare a list of tasks that would help you remind your work, without leaving any important task undone. In that to-do list, also include the stepwise instruction on what needs to be done and how it should be carried out. Tick mark each step once it’s done, as it saves a lot of thinking and planning time.

Start Prioritizing: Keep the high priority tasks on the top of your to-do list, which would help you classify the tasks according to their importance. This way you can start-up with the most important work resulting in putting it to an end on time and then starting up with the less important task one-by-one.

Set Personal Goals: Start making targets and setting personal goals that would help you in finishing the work as soon as possible. When you choose to start a work, make a goal that can be achieved without any hindrance. And keep yourself motivated to meet that goal and complete the task.

Manage Distractions: We always fall into situations when we don’t like a work that needs to be completed anyhow. In this case, we are distracted by the things that entertain us. For example, people around you, who are busy in the discussions of areas of your interest, while you have to finish your deadlines. In this case, it’s better to engage yourself that pulls you out of that discussion such as reading articles related to the work you’re doing or turning on the songs that don’t distract you. This helps in concentrating on the work you’re doing.

Overcome Procrastination: Procrastination means to carry out tasks that are less important or that entertain you more than the tasks that need to be worked upon immediately. Focusing on the things that interest you more than the things that are urgent, is what exactly you need to overcome. If not you will left with a lot of work undone.

Avoid Multitasking: Multitasking means to carry more than one work at a time. It should be avoided. Do not let you mind get diverted or confused while performing a task. Picking up more than one task may be risky in situations as you can mix up the content of one with the other. When you pick a task your entire focus should be on the same. Without any confusion or distraction your focus needs to be strong enough to meet the deadline.

Don’t Challenge Yourself: If you pick up more than your capacity, challenging yourself that you have to do it anyhow; then you’ll sure fail. As a result, you’ll get stressed that may result to depression. Know your capacities and pick tasks according to your abilities. Try to improve by quickening a little, but not too much to get it all messed up.

Reward Yourself: Don’t forget to reward yourself for finishing the high priority or time consuming tasks that were really heavy and tiring. Rewarding yourself would keep you motivated. Try go gift yourself with things that keep you moving, such as an inspirational book or quote.

Take Proper Intervals: Do not forget to take relaxing intervals. If you continue on working back-to-back, your mind and body will get exhausted resulting to failing of completion of tasks. Take small breaks after a certain interval of time. Take a small round of your work floor when you feel like tired, or listen to relaxing music, or maybe read a small note that makes you feel good.

4 Ds of Time Management: According to ‘Wendy Hearn’, the famous Business Coach & Business Growth Strategist, there are Four “D”s of Time Management:

1. Do It – Get it done, the sooner the better.

2. Delegate It – This task doesn’t suit you, get someone else to do it.

3. Dump It – Not important. Forget about it.

4. Defer It – Something for the ‘to do’ pile. Come back to it later.

If you keep the above discussed points in mind, you’ll sure get all the tasks done at time meeting your deadlines and enjoying free time. Try to keep yourself relaxed and happy by following the strategies of time management.

Keep Calm & Enjoy Your Work!!!

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