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Teamwork – A Real Challenge??

Teamwork – A Real Challenge??

“Good Teams become Great Ones, when the members trust each other enough to surrender the me for the we…” – Phil Jackson

The above quote by Phil Jackson clearly says that a great team relays only on trust and togetherness. Where there is Teamwork, there is Success. But it seems that teamwork is the biggest challenge that arises in the Corporate World!

The actual definition of “Teamwork” is – ‘working in collaboration with each other within a group of people resulting to achieving a certain goal’.

Now the question arises, is it really difficult to work cooperatively? Why is it that everybody wants to be the leader of the team and wants to get appreciated for the work they have not done? What are the challenges that are driven into the corporate lives of people that makes them fall?

Let us check out what sort of challenges fall in the way of teamwork and how they can be worked upon:

Everybody wants to be the Leader: People tend to rule on their colleagues and try to get their work done by others. As a result, they want applause for other’s efforts. All this result in failing to make a strong team. This is what is called in Politics in an office environment; and where there is politics, there is failure. Treating all the team members as equal and giving everyone an equal opportunity would help figure out this problem.

Scattered Thoughts: A team is a group of various minds that think and act differently in similar situations. Every mind has its own thought process that generates numerous ideas. If these ideas are not discussed and thoughts are not taken into consideration then the team gets scattered. Putting all the minds together and having group discussion is an effective solution to this problem.

Hesitation in Speech: When making a new strategy, it is important to make a note on all the possibilities whether good or bad. Some people find it very difficult to express themselves thinking about their reputation. People who hesitate in sharing their thoughts are often left out with great ideas. This results in forming a team of people with lower confidence level. This can be achieved by involving everyone into a conversation and making them speak.

Habit of Agreeing Too Quickly: A team can never sustain with people who agree to every new idea very quickly, just in order to avoid conflicts. If a team member has an issue or if someone finds it difficult to meet a target or deadline, he/she should speak out their mind.

Unnecessary Argument: People who argue on every point unnecessarily end up creating disputes among the team members, and a disputed team can never withstand. If someone has a doubt or issue, they should communicate it politely without sounding rude.

Over Confidence: Whether it’s a team or an individual, over confidence is always harmful. When people have over confidence they tend to make mistakes. Too much of confidence makes a person arrogant and such people are not at all helpful. People use their position and experience to under-estimate others. All this combines together in failing to make a good team.

Misunderstandings: Misunderstandings lead to great confusions and disputes. Understanding one-another in a team is very essential. Misunderstandings also lead to formation of small groups within a large team. Misunderstandings should be sorted out at the same time.

Improper Communication: If a team member wants to share or declare something but is not given that opportunity, then it may lead to loss of interest by that person. And he/she will start to ignore the job responsibilities or show disrespect towards other team members as well as their work.

Unattended Issues: Many-a-times team members have disputes within them that are not given importance and are left unsolved; most of the times they are misused to create more problem. This leads to lack of peace in one’s heart and mind, which results in hindering the work productivity. Such issues should be resolved as soon as possible for better results.

Personal Problems: Many people do not like disclosing their personal problems with the whole team as they do not want to be known as a sympathy-seeker. But not disclosing your problems with the boss may increase your trouble. We should open up with the boss or team manager up to a certain limit in order to make ourselves comfortable with our work. If we keep our problems inside us and let our boss feel that we are incapable of something, then it will affect our mind, inner peace and at last our productivity.

Incomplete Knowledge: When people do not have complete information about their job responsibilities, they end up messing up with the efforts of others. People should be trained not only at once, but time-to-time about their roles and responsibilities.

Working on all these challenges will lead to a strong corporate team that can never be defeated. This team will contribute to the growth and success of the organization they work for. Always remember that together we can make it possible!!!

“Coming together is the Beginning. Keeping together is Progress. Working together is Success!” – Henry Ford

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